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Ponsonby Auckland Guide

Ponsonby Auckland Guide

A suburb of Auckland about 2 km west of the Central Business District, Ponsonby is now a trendy district with good shopping especially for clothes and some fine dining.

Ponsonby Road is the main street in this diverse district which is also a centre for the Auckland gay and arts scenes.

Ponsonby Road, Auckland.
Ponsonby Road, Auckland

Nowadays an affluent, middle-class area, Ponsonby's inhabitants are a mix of white New Zealanders (Pākehā), Maori, Pacific Islanders, recent immigrants, many from Asia, and students. New Zealand's first mosque, Ponsonby Mosque on Vermont Street opened here in 1980.

The nearby areas of Herne Bay and Grey Lynn have some of the highest property prices in the country. The well-heeled come to Ponsonby Road to shop and eat in the numerous cafes, bars, and restaurants that dot the area.

Ponsonby Road runs north to south from the Three Lamps end towards Western Park.

Ponsonby Post Office
Ponsonby Post Office dates from 1911

Ponsonby Attractions

The area is home to several historic buildings built in the early decades of the 20th century. The former Ponsonby Post Office dates from 1911 and is a local landmark with its impressive facade and clock tower.

Victoria Park Market just east of Ponsonby Road is housed in a former waste depot and incinerator complex. There are several cafes and restaurants as well as stores and studios. The site includes the original 38 metre-tall chimney and the stables for the horses that once pulled the city's rubbish carts.

The 4-star Quest on Beaumont is on the western edge of Victoria Park. The park itself opened in 1905 and is home to cricket and rugby clubs as well as being a pleasant green space to walk or jog.

Victoria Park Market, Auckland.
Victoria Park Market before refurbishment, Auckland

The area's housing includes a good number of early villas, some dating back to the late 19th century, most of which have been refurbished to create modern and costly homes.

Churches on or near Ponsonby Road include All Saints Anglican Church, St John's Ponsonby Samoan Parish and City Presbyterian Church.

Ponsonby villas.
Ponsonby villas

Western Park to the south is Auckland's oldest municipal park. It lies at the southern end of Ponsonby Road and was laid out in 1879 with specimen trees donated by affluent residents. Modern additions include several sculptures near the Ponsonby Road end.

Western Park, the oldest public park in Auckland
Western Park, the oldest public park in Auckland

Eat & Drink

Sidart at 283 Ponsonby Road comes well recommended. There are also Indonesian, Japanese, Mexican, Vietnamese, Thai vegan, organic, sushi and Italian eateries to enjoy. Many of the restaurants, bars, and cafes are located directly on Ponsonby Road or on the side streets running off it.

Ponsonby Central brings a variety of international cuisine under one roof in a food court-style environment. Further down the road is the similar Ponsonby Foodcourt with Indian, Laotian, Malaysian, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai food outlets.

Ponsonby Post Office
Ponsonby Post Office is a local landmark

Gay Life

Ponsonby is a centre of gay life in Auckland. A 2006 survey found that one in every eight gay men in New Zealand lived within a 30 minute walk of Ponsonby Road.

The annual Auckland Pride Festival takes place around Ponsonby and Karangahape roads in February and March. The 2022 Auckland Pride Parade is scheduled for 26 March along Ponsonby Road.

Ponsonby, Auckland
Dorothy's Sister was a gay cafe at 265 Ponsonby Road; the address is now Beau

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